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Thermal Insulation

The External Thermal Insulation System weber.therm family protects and decorates the facades of new and old buildings.

It is a durable system that ensures an effective thermal insulation and high level of protection of buildings as a result of many years of international experience of Saint-Gobain Weber.

Anyone can acquire the system thanks to the easy installation and high performance.

The wide range of organic or siloxane finishes available in various grain sizes and available in various colors, offer many possibilities for decoration, combined with a high degree of protection.

System performance features:

  • Water vapor permeability resistance: m=30-70
  • Thermal conductivity : l=0,035 W mK
  • Simple and fast application
  • Economic and durable
  • Long lifetime
  • Maximum thermal insulation
  • Wide variety of colored finishes
See Saint-Gobain Weber's catalogue.

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