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Interior Doors

Every door connects architecture with furnishing and contains symbolic and functional elements filling the residence with meaning and values.
This is the reason that GD Dorigo, always conforming to the ever-changing aesthetic and functional preferences of our customers, has decided to redirect the basic features of this industrial product and revolutionise the role of doors to interior architecture.
The new GD Dorigo lines open unexplored creativity potentials in the field of architecture and are characterized by a mature and modern design.
Based on the most fundamental theoretical principles of design, the technical innovations and the new materials are shaped into an aesthetic content that will correspond to the user’s sensitivity and will give him the chance to enjoy it in the most direct and impulsive way.
Everything contributes to the creation of authentic and aesthetically innovative products, whose simple and plain aspect adapts perfectly to the most up-to-date trends.
The expressive dynamic of these products appears in a wide range of models with a great variety of themes, colours and finishes. They compose the ideal range that can satisfy the users’ multiple aesthetic and functional demands.


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