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Energy-Efficient Aluminium Systems

Simpas company specializes in the construction and installation of modern energy-efficient aluminium systems. We are authorised manufacturers of EUROPA and SCHUCO company, leading companies in the field of energy frames.

Our goal is the distribution of high-quality aluminium systems offering thermal insulation to houses and business properties and saving energy, thus contributing to the protection of the environment.

Save up to 35% in energy consumption by opting for energy-efficient aluminium systems for your house or business.

Simpas replaces your frames with the new Europa & Schuco energy-efficient aluminium lines. We manufacture, design and install our products using certified methods in all our assembly line.

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Buildings Solutions, Innovative Glass & Aluminium Constructions

Factory: Ampelia, Ioannina – Tel. 2651092177 – Fax. 2651093456

Exhibition store: Kirgiou 7 Str., Ioannina – Tel. 2651031630 – Fax. 2651033970

E-mail: info@simpas.gr